Environmental Land Assessment

Know the environmental risks before you start your project.

Putting together an environmental plan can get confusing.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) strives to keep our country clean, and it is important to follow their regulations.

Before purchasing land, or if you have a questions regarding the property you already own, our staff is available for Environmental Transaction Screens and Environmental Site Assessments.  KCI will work with your team during the compliance process once you begin development and construction.

Each project is different.  There is no one size fits all model. Environmental Transaction Screens are required under Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA).

KCI can provide Environmental Transaction Screens and Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.  These audits are used to document existing environmental conditions that will reduce liability during property transactions.  The site assessments are designed to highlight potential contamination associated with the property and to assist in the Innocent Landowner Defense under CERCLA.

Environmental Transaction Screens are required for property transactions involving ownership, control, management, or if occupancy of a property changes. These assessments are recommended for low risk transactions and help determine whether further review is required. Phase I Assessments are generally required in cases of land purchases of one million dollars or more, which encompasses and is not limited to site inspections and a thorough historical review.  Phase II Assessments are more extensive and used in situations where remediation is in question.

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