KCI loves DMR’s!

The EPA monitors industrial activates ranging from landfill, auto salvage yard, metal scraps, recycling centers, and other facilitiesthat have stormwater discharge associated with industrial activity. Although these facilities appear to differ, one thing they do have in common is their need for the Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP). More specifically, facilities that discharge to surface waters are required to submit a Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR’s).

Facilities must collect stormwater discharge samples on site, which must undergo analytical testing. There are specific parameters that pertain to each industrial sector and the goal is to have the facilities samples fall below the corresponding benchmark requirement. The benchmark monitoring requirements differ based on the sector or subsector under which a particular facility falls, therefore the Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR’s) are to be periodically sent to state regulatory agencies. DMR’s are to be conducted each calendar quarter starting year two of the MSGP NOI coverage. The results from year two will determine if any best management practices should be implemented to prevent pollutants from leaving the facility. Along with site improvements, year four will require additional DMR reports to determine if the facility’s impact on reducing the pollutants leaving the site.

So why should you care about DMR’s? The most important thing about the DMR is that it keeps facilities under compliance with the Clean Water Act  (CWA) and NPDES regulations, which is always a good thing. Furthermore, they ensure that pollution of surface waters is at a minimum, which we all benefit from. The metals from these sites such as aluminum, iron, and lead can prove quite troublesome if allowed to enter into waterbodies freely. Even the smallest trace amounts can have adverse effects on wildlife and humans alike.

So, do yourself a favor and submit those DMR’s. KCI is more than willing to help you with all your compliance needs. We have the proper training to conduct routine inspections required under the MSGP and can help with permit renewal. We are also able to collect water samples and complete adequate documentation regarding discharge information. Call KCI today for more information, and we will gladly work to keep you in compliance!



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