Florida Gopher Tortoise Survey and Relocation

Take the proper procedures for Florida Gopher Tortoise relocation. 

The Gopher Tortoise (gopherus polyphemus) is native to the Southeastern part of the United States.  They are known for the ability to dig and burrow.  Both the tortoise and the burrow are protected by the state of Florida.  Before any land clearing or development can happen on a site the Gopher Tortoises must obtain permits to capture and relocate the tortoise.

In Florida if you have Gopher Tortoises on your land you must get a FWC Relocation Permit before disturbing the burrows. KCI can assist with making sure you take the necessary procedures to apply for permit and adhere to guidelines.


Florida Gopher Tortoise burrows are protected by the state of Florida. Contact us about relocation permits.