About KCI Environmental Compliance

KCI is a woman-owned, Florida based business.

Our mission is to be a purpose-driven environmental company that applies creative solutions that are practical and sustainable in achieving a balanced ecosystem.

KCI is a woman-owned, Florida based business that works with property owners, property managers, contractors, and government entities that need assistance tackling environmental issues.  Our core business focuses on stormwater management, site development, and protecting water bodies.

We work with our clients to help prevent potential issues, implement effective programs, and to also assist in time of needs when a problem has occurred. We specialize in environmental in New-Development, Redevelopment, and existing properties.  We can assist with local, state, and federal requirements.

KCI, Koncept Carma Inc., was formed based on the idea of what you give is what you get back.  Changes are happening around us each day and they happen with actions.  Actions can be small or big, quiet or loud, exciting or terrifying. 

Our goal is to create positive impacts to the world we live in, and continue working hard as our behaviors impact our environment.  We will share our gratitude with our team and with our clients.  The positive growth of our team and our clients are the foundation of our success.


Our goal is to help you implement practical solutions that will protect your site or facility in an effective and affordable manner.

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