KCI Team Spotlight

Destinee Wheeler

KCI is excited to announce that Destinee Wheeler joined our growing team this past summer.  Destinee is an Orlando native.  She had the opportunity to attend a magnet school which catered to Engineering, Science and Technology. She became intrigued with the size and details that went into buildings and bridges, and this prompted her uncle to introduce her to civil engineering. Destinee is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at the University of Central Florida. Knowing that construction is a booming industry, she feels being aware of the impacts on our earth is extremely important to both quality of life and future development. She wants to continue growing her knowledge in environmental and civil engineering to help expand her career goals, and help contribute to society.

Destinee played tennis for six years starting in the 6th grade where she received free lessons in Eatonville, FL.  Her favorite charity to volunteer with is the Ronald McDonald House, and one day she would like to become a mentor to someone who might not have a positive figure in their life.  KCI is proud to have Destinee on our team and we look forward to her continue growth with our company!