Keep your sites dry with the right Dewatering plan.

Dewatering is used on most construction sites due to accumulated water in trenches and excavations or in places with an inadequate slope or high water table. This water should be removed to keep working as scheduled or to provide a safe workplace. Normally, builders tend to use water pumps to dewater these areas, but if they are not paying attention to the place where water is discharged, erosion and other problems may occur. It is important to follow best management practices when water is being pumped to lakes, wetlands or directly to storm sewer inlets.

Dewatering activities must be planned and executed properly to avoid eroding the soil on the construction site. It is also important to choose the best location for discharge, even when you might be far away from water bodies or catch basins.

KCI can assist with Dewatering permitting, plans, and turbidity monitoring. Florida Department of Environmental Protection allows contractors to include dewatering practices under the updated February 2015 NPDES Construction General Permit.

A dewatering plan must be stated in the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).  This does not exclude the contractor from following other municipality requirements such as county, city, or water management district.


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