Putting a Skirt on Mother Nature

Textiles aren’t just for people it turns out! Geotextiles or Geofabrics are exactly what their name implies. They are made up of fibers, either woven or non-woven. They are created for a variety of different purposes and are regularly found around the construction site performing many different jobs. In the context of this blog, however, we are referring to the type used in soil stabilization and erosion control.

Geotextiles consist of either woven or non-woven varieties. The woven type is made up of synthetic fibers woven together, the way you would imagine a shirt or pair of jeans is made. These are the sturdier type, and usually will be used primarily for stabilization or support purposes. Think of this type when strength is what you are looking for. Non-woven geotextiles, on the other hand, are better at filtration. Think of a felt texture. What a woven textile does for strength, the non-woven textile can usually accomplish in filtration.

There are several different ways in which geotextiles are used;

  1. To separate layers of different materials.
  2. During the stabilization process, to strengthen an otherwise weak soil layer.
  3. For strength, by throughout a weakened layer to help strengthen it.
  4. To filter water, without allowing particles of dirt or sand to escape.
  5. As a moisture barrier for areas that should remain relatively dry.

We see these types of applications in several different areas; from road work to coastal work, along the banks of rivers and lakes, all the way to agriculture. We commonly see geofabric along the tops of our grated inlets to assist in drainage of stormwater from the site while keeping sediment and debris from passing into a stormwater system, as well as several other erosion control applications. To find out more about how geotextiles can work for you in keeping in compliance on your site, be sure to contact KCI to consult with one of our environmental professionals. We are happy to work with clients to find the best erosion control plan to fit the needs of each individual site!

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