Somebody’s gotta do it!

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Do you remember the show called Somebody’s gotta do it? The show actually aired a few years ago, starring Mike Rowe. The show was about fantastic people who perform unique and peculiar jobs.  The primary theme of the show was to pay tribute to special, talented, and amazing individuals and introduce the audience to who they are and what they do.

Out of all thirty-two episodes, not one highlighted the unique role of a “Stormwater Inspector”.   A certified Stormwater Inspector performs a special role to help the construction and industrial industries maintain water quality of our lakes, rivers, streams, tributaries, and oceans.  

How do they do that, you may ask? Specifically for the construction industry, a Stormwater inspector is responsible to evaluate and review, on a scheduled timeline, the construction site’s specific sediment and erosion control measures are performing as planned.  They are the front-line defense to help construction sites manage stormwater compliance. They do this by inspecting the sites to help ensure they are delivering on the required stormwater construction generic permit (CGP) requirements and expectations to reduce sedimentation, erosion and pollutants from impacting our waterways.

KCI Stormwater consultants and inspectors have the expertise in erosion and sedimentation prevention, knowledge of a variety of Best Management Practices (BMPs) and environmental compliance, and accurate reporting proficiency to deliver precision and dependable service.  

Beyond the inspection, they also have the skills to consult with clients on the design of site-specific best management practices BMPs, maintenance plans, and staff training. KCI has fantastic, talented, hardworking, and amazing people!  Call KCI if you need a professional stormwater inspector.  Somebody’s gotta do it!  Contact us at 888-346-7779. 

Assembling the Team

Construction site operators who are requiring coverage under the Florida Construction Generic Permit (CGP) must apply f

Protecting your Perimeter

Any well-fortified area starts with a sound and solid perimeter.  We all have learned that fortified means strengthene

Industrial Attention to Detail

During industrial activities, stormwater can contact manufacturing materials, equipment, and chemicals.  Pollutants li

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