Stormwater Management for Contractors

Maintain Environmental Compliance at Your Construction Sites

Are you working on a project with site work and looking for a professional company to manage your NPDES program? Are you unsure of the environmental requirements needed for your project or facility?

KCI works with developers, general contractors, and site contractors every day to ensure they are in compliance with the Florida Construction Generic Permit (FCGP). KCI can assist with the Notice of Intent (NOI) process and submit to the FDEP for each project. Before submitting an NOI to the State, KCI can create a site-specific SWPPP.



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Once you have your SWPPP and NOI in place you will be required to do NPDES Inspections weekly and after a ½” rain event. KCI works with builders to ensure their documentation is in place and the inspections are not missed. We will work with your site contacts to give confidence that the site is maintained to meet EPA and DEP requirements. Having a successful SWPPP program does not only help keep your site in environmental compliance it also helps to increase a better-looking project!


KCI works with contractors in need of installation and maintenance of BMPs. Whether you need silt fence installed, turbidity curtain installed, street sweeping, or inlets protected, call on KCI to get the job done.

Contractor SWPPP Case Study

We received a call from a general contractor that was building on a site that was over 5 acres, and they were a few months into the project. The contractor was maintaining silt fence, sweeping streets, and protecting the inlets. The contractor received a visit from the local municipality and they were asked to provide a copy of their NOI, SWPPP, and recent NPDES Inspections.

It is not uncommon for the NOI and SWPPP to be overlooked. In this case, the general contractor at the time thought the engineer prepared the NOI and SWPPP, and the site contractor was handling the NPDES Inspections. It turned out the contractor did not have an active NOI or SWPPP for the project, and there was no one doing the inspections.

The local municipality told the contractor they needed to stop all work until they were in compliance. KCI was able to assist with NOI and SWPPP book within 48 hours, and to start the weekly and rain inspections right away to get the contractor in compliance.

Working diligently with the contractor and all the parties KCI was able to help this contractor avoid daily fines from EPA, DEP, and local municipalities. The project was able to stay on schedule and the contractor gained assurance that all to the NPDES requirements were being managed properly.


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