Stormwater Management for Homebuilders

Maintain Environmental Compliance at Your Construction Sites

KCI works hard to assist homebuilders in staying in compliance with stormwater regulations and additional environmental regulations.

Are you a homebuilder that is building in a community or on a lot that is potentially disturbing over an acre? Did you know that your project will require to apply for coverage under the Florida Construction Generic Permit (FCGP)? KCI can assist with the Notice of Intent (NOI) process and submit to the FDEP for each project. Before submitting an NOI to the State, KCI can create a site-specific SWPPP.



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Once you have your SWPPP and NOI in place you will be required to do NPDES Inspections weekly and after a ½” rain event. KCI works with builders to ensure their documentation is in place and the inspections are not missed. We will work with your site contacts to give confidence that the site is maintained to meet EPA and DEP requirements. Having a successful SWPPP program does not only help keep your site in environmental compliance it also helps to increase a better-looking community!

KCI works with builders in need of installation and maintenance of BMPs. Whether you need silt fence installed, turbidity curtain installed, street sweeping, or inlets protected, call on KCI to get the job done.


Homebuilder SWPPP Case Study

A builder called us very concerned because they received an inspection from the Department of Environmental Protection. They were notified that they were in violation because they did not file an NOI for a community they were building a home in a community that was larger than an acre. The builder was confused because they were only building 2 lots in this community and both lots combined were both under one acre.

Under the Florida CGP, it is a requirement to have an NOI, SWPPP, and perform inspections when you are building in area that is disturbing over an acre even if your immediate area is under an acre. The builder did not understand why they were being cited for not having the NOI, SWPPP, and inspections, and KCI worked with the builder to explain the rule was under the “common plan of development or sale”.

The builder did not budget for the NOI, SWPPP, or Inspections, and they certainly did not budget for daily DEP fines. We worked very hard to make sure the builder would get in compliance quickly to avoid fines. We quickly prepared a SWPPP book that depicted exactly what the builder was responsible for and to file the NOI and start inspections. We were able to bring the builder in compliance and make sure that their documentation clearly explained what they were responsible for. We took extra care to ensure that the additional construction happening near them was clearly notated in the SWPPP. Inspections started immediately, and we assisted with the response to DEP. We were able to bring the in builder into compliance efficiently and worked with their budget.

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