NPDES Compliance And COVID-19

NPDES Compliance and COVID-19

Perhaps the biggest question in the environmental sector right now is: how, has COVID-19 affected enforcement? The EPA offered a Temporary Enforcement Policy in June 2020, which expired as of August 31, 2020. Even with the temporary policy, regulated entities…

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Storm Events – What They Are & How to Tackle Them

One of the most important requirements of your Construction Generic Permit (CGP) is the NPDES Stormwater Inspections. In the State of Florida, NPDES inspections have 2 components: routine inspections and storm event inspections. So—what is the difference between them? A…

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Secondary Containment On Construction Sites

Secondary Containment on Construction Sites

One of the requirements of the Florida  CGP, Construction Generic Permit, that seems to elude many of its permittees is secondary containment. Maybe you’re not even aware of it. Come to think of it, what does it even mean? Let’s…

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The Why on NPDES Inspections

In the state of Florida construction projects that impact over an acre of land are required to perform NPDES inspections once a week and for every half inch rain event in accordance with the FDEP Construction Generic Permit. It is important to understand…

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Don’t Be a Bad [Concrete Plant] Batch!

Concrete batching plants use equipment to produce concrete and concrete products by batching or mixing cements and other raw materials. The components of concrete include many substances such as: silica, calcium, alumina, magnesia, iron oxide, sulfur dioxide, fly ash, gravel and…

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Sheet And Rill And Gully, Oh My!

Sheet and Rill and Gully, Oh My!

With the proper use of erosion control and stabilization measures as defined in the Construction Generic Permit (CGP), your construction site can be prepared to prevent erosion form occurring. But how can erosion be prevented if it you do not…

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Salvage our Yards!

Cars and trucks are the most recycled product in America: according to the EPA, roughly eight million cars and five million trucks are recycled every year by an estimated 7,000 auto salvage/recycling operations nationwide. These facilities can reduce waste by…

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Florida’s Biodiversity And Construction

Florida’s Biodiversity and Construction

Florida’s biodiversity is one the many reasons that make the state of Florida a beautiful and desirable place to live. Biodiversity is the variety of life in a specific ecosystem. The sunshine state is home to many flora and fauna…

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The Last Line of De-Fence!

When it comes to sediment control, silt fence is a major factor when trying to retain soil on site. We’ve all seen it, Its everywhere! So, what does it do or help prevent? The purpose of silt fence is to…

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Put Down that Pump!

If there is one thing most wouldn’t have seen coming as a consequence of excessive pumping from aquifers, that’s arsenic poisoning. The two just don’t seem to correlate in any shape or form, but it’s true according to recent research…

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