4 Differences Between Detention And Retention Ponds

4 Differences Between Detention and Retention Ponds

The construction industry is continuing to grow in the United States. Dodge Construction Outlook, reports that total U.S. construction starts for 2017 will advance 5% to $713 billion.  The growth means our communities will continue to thrive and the need for…

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Tips On How To Trim Your Mangroves

Tips on How to Trim Your Mangroves

Mangroves are one of Florida’s true natives.  They are mostly found along the waterways, provide habitats for fish and birds, and protect homes from erosion.  You can recognize them, especially in the Everglades and Keys, by their dense, tangled roots…

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From Muck To Yuck – The Clean Water Act

From Muck to Yuck – The Clean Water Act

Imagine the world where water is on fire.  That could potentially be the case without the Clean Water Act.  The Federal Water Pollution Act of 1948 was the first law to recognize that big company was throwing chemicals in our…

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Go Green In 2017

One of the most common traditions of celebrating a New Year is to create a Resolution.  For those of you looking to become more green and earth friendly KCI wants to share some of our favorite Go Green Tips! Cheers to…

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KCI Team Spotlight

KCI is excited to announce that Destinee Wheeler joined our growing team this past summer.  Destinee is an Orlando native.  She had the opportunity to attend a magnet school which catered to Engineering, Science and Technology. She became intrigued with the…

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Warning Signs of a Sinkhole

Florida is known for having more sinkholes than any other state. A sinkhole is defined as a cavity in the ground caused by water erosion, which provides a route for water to disappear in to the ground. The peninsula is…

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KCI Team Spotlight!

KCI is excited to introduce the latest addition to our team, Henrique Weydt. As an Environmental Consultant, he strives to make sure that all of our clients have everything they need to remain in environmental compliance. He has also been…

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