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Environmental Compliance and
Stormwater Management

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About KCI

Our mission is to be a purpose-driven environmental company that applies creative solutions that are practical and sustainable in achieving a balanced ecosystem.

We work with our clients to help prevent potential issues, implement effective programs, and to assist in times of need when a problem has occurred. Koncept Carma, Inc., dba KCI, was founded on the principle that our actions yield inevitable outcomes.

We are a woman-owned, Florida based business that works with contractors, industrial facilities, and government entities that need assistance tackling environmental issues.

Our core business focuses on stormwater management, site development, and protecting water bodies.

A Company Striving to make a Positive Environmental IMPACT!


2024 KCI Hurricane Preparedness for Construction



Maintain Environmental Compliance at Your Construction Sites

KCI has extensive experience assisting construction contractors, site developers, and homebuilders in staying in compliance with stormwater and government mandated environmental regulations.



Helping Municipalities Maintain the Integrity of Local Waterbodies

Being ready simply means being prepared. KCI has a knowledgeable environmental team ready to assist with your MS4 program and Annual Reporting. KCI works hard with municipalities to maintain the integrity of our waterbodies.



Maintain Environmental Compliance at Your Industrial Facility

KCI clearly understands the NPDES permitting requirements and is available to provide the necessary services to ensure complete FDEP compliance with all your industrial stormwater requirements. Every site is unique, and we will work with you to develop solutions that best fit your needs.


What We Do

Partners in Sustainability

Our goal is to help you implement practical environmental solutions that will protect your construction site or industrial facility in an affordable manner. KCI provides clients with precision and dependable service so you can focus on the bottom line.

Our services help you manage risks, satisfy regulations, and monitor best practice performance so you can maintain environmental sustainability.


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Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

KCI understands the unique requirements and processes specifically related to stormwater management and compliance. Save time and money by keeping your site in complete compliance through a customized Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan.



NPDES – Stormwater Inspections

NPDES inspections are required on construction job sites in Florida every 7 days and 24 hours after a 0.5″ of rainfall. These inspections must identify areas that need to be repaired, replaced or in any way altered to ensure compliance to the permit. Quarterly and Annual NPDES inspections are conducted for specific industrial facilities.


stormwater inspections

Environmental Compliance Reporting

Regulatory requirements for our clients continue to change and requires an expert team to help monitor and maintain the variety of necessary reports.  KCI has the expertise staff to prepare the compliance reports and plans required to relieve your workload and ease your mind.


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