Reduce Injury, Increase Productivity

During this time of the year, Florida usually experiences rainy weather and overall high humidity.   Although this is a great time of the year for construction projects, weather is one of the top factors that can impact a specific construction projects ability to adequately maintain timelines and meet deadlines.

To continue our focus on June safety month, construction builders should always stay closely aware of the weather conditions in their area to ensure projects can progress forward in a timely manner, and especially for workers safety. Weather can create hazardous conditions and play a vital role in a projects ability to stay on track.

A construction project leader who maintains awareness of all aspects of the projects entire design and specific phases of the project, inclusive to weather conditions will be successful in the long run. By staying close to weather conditions, and communicating proactively to the team with daily expectations, the project will move forward just as planned and with minimal obstacles and dangers.

With consistent instruction, accountability, and communication, a project can move forward on the right path ensuring timely progress and without injuries on the job. There are certainly many situations that can create obstacles for hazards. A construction site team should always maintain organizational structure, awareness of stressful situations and obstacles, workload vulnerabilities, and proactive mindful leadership.  When these factors are not adequately accounted for, there are several issues that can produce injuries that led to lost productivity:

  1. Equipment/ vehicle incidents.
  2. Slips, trips, and falls.
  3. Sprains, strains, or pull muscles.

All construction site workers have responsibility for the overall safety of each other. For construction workers, many are exposed to high risk and dangers during work. Construction project leaders are constantly focused on taking the best precautions and safeguards for employees.  To help employees avoid danger, here are some ways to reduce the risk:

  1. Education and training.
  2. Highly visible signage and placards located strategically through-out the construction site.
  3. Chemicals and certain contaminants located and stored properly.
  4. Everyone adheres to using proper personal protection equipment.
  5. Team awareness to severe weather and environmental conditions.

KCI is a professional organization focused on helping construction and industrial clients maintain stormwater compliance.  When you use us for your stormwater management, you can be assured we will always take safety seriously. Call us today 888-346-7779.

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