NPDES Compliance And COVID-19

NPDES Compliance and COVID-19

Perhaps the biggest question in the environmental sector right now is: how, has COVID-19 affected enforcement? The EPA offered a Temporary Enforcement Policy in June 2020, which expired as of August 31, 2020. Even with the temporary policy, regulated entities…

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Secondary Containment On Construction Sites

Secondary Containment on Construction Sites

One of the requirements of the Florida  CGP, Construction Generic Permit, that seems to elude many of its permittees is secondary containment. Maybe you’re not even aware of it. Come to think of it, what does it even mean? Let’s…

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Painting Without Polluting

Painting without Polluting

Construction sites that do not properly dispose of paint and paint contaminated water can be exposing themselves to hefty fines and causing unnecessary problems for the environment.  Although it may be a struggle to effectively manage paint disposal, it is…

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