Know Your Dirt

Know your Dirt

Have you ever wondered where the dirt goes that gets dug up on a construction site? Drive by any large development construction project and it is not unlikely to see a stockpile of dirt. It can either generate money for…

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Painting Without Polluting

Painting without Polluting

Construction sites that do not properly dispose of paint and paint contaminated water can be exposing themselves to hefty fines and causing unnecessary problems for the environment.  Although it may be a struggle to effectively manage paint disposal, it is…

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Salvage our Yards!

Cars and trucks are the most recycled product in America: according to the EPA, roughly eight million cars and five million trucks are recycled every year by an estimated 7,000 auto salvage/recycling operations nationwide. These facilities can reduce waste by…

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Florida’s Biodiversity And Construction

Florida’s Biodiversity and Construction

Florida’s biodiversity is one the many reasons that make the state of Florida a beautiful and desirable place to live. Biodiversity is the variety of life in a specific ecosystem. The sunshine state is home to many flora and fauna…

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