Stormwater Goes Somewhere

Much of Florida’s stormwater eventually empties into inlets allowing stormwater to flow efficiently through an urbanized storm drain conveyance system.  Our intricate and elaborate storm drain systems eventually carries stormwater towards creeks, tributaries, rivers, lakes, and eventually our oceans.  For those who call Florida home are quite used to torrential rainfall.  This is because our storm drains conveyance systems have adequate capacity and proper drainage.  Additionally, they are strategically placed to effectively coordinate and control the local stormwater run-off.

Although stormwater drainage is relatively under control, one of our challenges is the many different paths that rainfall must take to eventually find pervious soil or as previously mentioned a storm drain system.  New development increases the number of impervious surfaces like new streets, sidewalks, and parking lots that only provokes this challenge. The environment can also become strained due to the modifications of our landscape if we do not effectively develop best management practices to reduce the risk of various contaminants and pollution flowing into our waterways derived from stormwater runoff.

Urban development is becoming the new watershed that acts like funnels collecting stormwater in great quantities.  To effectively manage stormwater requires unique rules and regulations, and just good planning.  Today, stormwater management systems are orchestrated and designed to maintain water flow to minimize flooding and potentially reduce the risk of pollutants helping protect our waterbodies.

When we think about stormwater management, we may consider retention and detention systems as an example.  Retention systems slow down the stormwater and allows it to absorb overtime into the soil.  A detention pond performs the function of collecting stormwater like a pond, and gradually releases the stormwater reducing the water flow volume and minimizing or eliminating any sediment to be released.  Another effective process is the use of strategically placed inlets.  Inlets deliver stormwater runoff into the storm drain system and are sometimes the most important asset to stormwater management.

Site developers and contractors must successfully integrate a storm drain system into their site design and plans.   KCI is here to help design, monitor, and inspect your stormwater plan.  Call us today at (888)-346-7779.

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