Tropical Storm Ian – Rapid Intensification

Living in Florida, we know there is a chance of experiencing tropical storms that can start small and then quickly experience rapid intensification. Hurricanes can be a major concern for construction sites.  It is extremely important for all construction sites to prepare early and be on alert for hurricanes to ensure minimal damage, disruption, and any environmental exposures that can potentially take place during a hurricane.

There are many things to consider before a storm approaches, and if you are managing a construction site there are some additional things you can do to plan for a storm.  You have been managing your stormwater program. You have installed stormwater BMPs, consistently performed routine and rain event inspections, protected inlets, and temporarily stabilized non-active construction areas. Now that a storm is approaching, you must start to think about the potential of high winds and excessive rainfall. The first step is to ensure your safety. Please focus on the things you can perform now to make sure everyone on your team is safe and secure. Tropical storms and particularly Hurricanes create a lot of additional stress, and it is important to have a plan ready to follow and execute. Click HERE to download KCI’s Hurricane Preparedness for Construction checklist.

Here are some specific tips to help you prepare and be ready.

  • Secure Buildings, Materials, and Heavy Equipment.
  • Remove debris from site and empty dumpsters.
  • Ensure BMPs are in place and protect sensitive areas.
  • Be aware of areas prone to flooding and pull-out inlet protection as needed.
  • Secure SWPPP books.
  • Have port-o-lets serviced and emptied out and ensure they are far from inlets. 

Today, we are in the midst of Tropical Storm Ian.  All the news forecasts are predicting this tropical storm will experience rapid intensification over the next day or so and could hit Florida as a major hurricane later this week. Our first priority is for your safety and ours. KCI will likely suspend inspections prior to such storms once the path is confirmed.  We are watching this one closely.  KCI will do inspections after the roads are deemed safe by local authorities if we find ourselves in the center of this storm.  Additionally, SWPPP books will be updated with necessary documentation and executive orders.

KCI is here to stand by your side all the way.  We have prepared a specific Stormwater Specific tropical Storm and hurricane preparedness plan and check list we hope can help you plan, prepare, and recover.  You can find this plan and check list HERE. Contact us if we can assist you in any way. Call us today at 888-346-7779.

Assembling the Team

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