Curb Cut Backs

Curb Cutback

August in Florida is hot and humid, and most of us welcome the summer downpours of rain to help keep us cool. As much as we love our rainy cool downs we also have to remember that with the heavy rains we have to prepare for run-off and erosion, and it’s even more important for active construction sites to maintain effective best management practices. One method is to establish a perimeter control where soil is being disturbed.

A curb cutback is a temporary perimeter control and a simple way of keeping dirt and turbid water from entering the street. A grader can establish a curb cutback before activity takes place by excavating the dirt from behind the curb. This leaves a shallow ditch, which allows dirt to settle out of the water before entering the street.

This cost-effective method can prevent environmental damage, costly repairs, and potential threats of fines if turbid water were to reach our waterways through storm inlets.