Different ways to Stabilize

There are several different ways a site can be stabilized throughout the construction project.  Let us review the different types of Site Stabilization.

Erosion Control Blankets – These cover the ground for a short period of time.  Erosion Control Blankets (ECBs) are made up of a variety of organic and synthetic materials.  They are used to establish a short-term vegetation site stabilization solution by protecting emerging seedlings and accelerating plant growth until they can maintain long-term erosion protection.

Seeding – Seeding is an economical and adaptable way to stabilize your construction site. This kind of vegetation controls erosion by protecting the bare soil surfaces from the impact of raindrops and slowing down stormwater that happens to come through the construction site.

Sod – This is a quicker vegetation solution than seeding.  Since the grass has already grown, the sod is laid down to grab onto the ground, and in a short amount of time, the roots will grasp onto the soil to prevent erosion.

Rock – Creating a perimeter with rock can slow down erosion on your construction site.  You can also use a bed of rocks to remove sediment from vehicle tires.  They can be placed at all entrances and where erosion is most prevalent on your site. 

Geotextiles – As a permeable blanket, geotextiles prevent soil from migrating along slopes and drain water helping successfully filter stormwater runoff, control erosion, and temporarily stabilize the soil.

Gabions – Gabions are a type of semi-permanent solutions for potentially heavily eroded or sloping areas that need securing and protection from erosion. Gabions are often seen adjacent to canals, bridges and other steep slopes.

When is a site considered stabilized? According to the Florida Construction Generic Permit (FCGP) it is 70% uniform stabilization to be considered stabilized.  

Some things to take into consideration is recognizing any loose soil and if there is potential for movement of the ground in the future.  Second guessing whether your site is stabilized could cost you time.  KCI can help you determine whether your site is secured, ready, and stabilized for construction. Call us today at 888-346-7779.

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