June National Safety Month

The National Safety Council dedicates June as National Safety Month and is considered an annual monthlong observance. During National Safety Month, the importance of safety is elevated to encourage individuals and organizations to proactively participate in activities and programs to reduce injury and accidents in the workplace.

Construction sites are among one of the most dangerous locations to work. Mostly all construction sites take safety very seriously and recognize there are many areas that can be considered hazards. On-going training and education to workers is everyone’s top priority before and during construction.  Determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are the top accidents on construction sites.

  1. Falling Objects.
  2. Getting Crushed Between Objects.
  3. Electrocution.
  4. Machinery Related Accidents.
  5. Collapsing Trenches.

Construction sites that have a quality and informative safety program can dramatically decrease the risk of these type of work-related injuries and accidents. To maximize a quality safety program, construction operators and developers must proactively build a great culture of safety. There are multiple ways to establish a strong culture of safety and these five quality initiatives have been found to be most productive outlined below.

  1. Safety should be discussed during the interview process and before a person is actually hired. During the interview is a great time to discover how a candidate prioritizes the importance of safety.
  2. Host frequent training sessions about safety. Training is a key step to ensure everyone is consistently onboard and aware of how important safety is to the team.
  3. Easily accessible materials, collateral, placards, and signage to visually help the team maintain awareness of always being safe on the job.
  4. Recognize and reward workers who regularly demonstrate safety as a priority.
  5. Make Safety the top priority and communicate in every meeting, program, and activity performed on a construction site.

Making safety a top priority not only protects workers physically, but it has also been found to increase morale, attract quality talent, and elevate the quality of work. Making employees feel safe and protected is a good business practice.  KCI cares deeply about protecting the environment and we care about protecting workers equally.  If you want expert, safety-oriented site inspectors, give us a call today and see how we can help you manage your stormwater program, safely. – (888) 346-7779.

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