My car is covered in pollen……

Eco Car Wash

It’s that time of year in Florida where we are trying to keep up with that yellow film of pollen that is covering our vehicles.  Naturally, you will want to wash your car and make it look clean again.  You may not realize your vehicle wash water not only contains dirt and soapy water, it also contains heavy metals, oil, and grease that can wash into our water ways if it’s not properly discarded.  Before you pull out your bucket and soap, take a few extra precautions to help protect our water bodies.

Here are a few tips to help when it comes to washing your car:

  • Take your car to a commercial carwash where the discharge can be appropriately treated.
  • Wash your car on the lawn, or in a place where wash water will flow into a grassy area – the grass acts as a natural filtration system.
  • Try using a phosphate free soap because phosphates can create algal blooms.
  • Dispose of leftover wash water down the sink, not in the storm drain.

You care about keeping your car clean and I am sure you feel the same about keeping your water bodies clean.