Preparing your Construction Site for a Hurricane

Living in Florida, we always have a chance of being hit by a tropical storm or hurricane.  There are many things to consider before a storm approaches, and if you are managing a construction site there are some additional things you can do to plan for a storm.  You have already been managing your stormwater program on site way before the storm has approached. You have installed stormwater BMPs, conducted weekly and rain event inspections, protected inlets, protected conservation areas, and temporarily stabilized non-active construction areas. Now that the storm is approaching, you must start to think about the potential of high winds and excessive rainfall.  Here are a few tips to help you prepare.

  • Notify all your subcontractors to help secure the site, and advise them not to return to site until the storm or threat of storm has passed.
  • Establish a plan for communication with employees and subcontractors.
  • Clean up all construction debris.  Cover dumpsters or remove dumpster and trash.
  • Secure building supplies and material.
  • Secure Construction Equipment, Portable Toilets, Trailers, and Staging areas.
  • Ensure stormwater BMPs are installed properly and will sustain high winds and heavy rainfall.
  • Only remove inlet protection that may cause flooding and make streets unsafe.  Protect inlets from allowing accumulation of sediment inside.
  • Cover all hazardous materials.
  • Consult with your stormwater inspector to discuss any areas on site that may be of concern and make a plan for before and after the storm.
  • Store important paper documents such as permits and SWPPP books in dry areas.
  • Give yourself and employees enough time to get home to prepare at home for the storm.
  • Do not attempt to return to site until after the storm and effects of storm are safe.

Hurricane Season creates a lot of additional stress and it’s important to come up with a plan both at home and work.

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