KCI is MWBE Certified

The Minority Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) certification is designed to increase a company’s visibility, business continuity, and confidence in the market.  Koncept Carma, Inc. dba KCI is now certified in many of Florida’s state entities.

The certification is geared to promote minority and disadvantaged organizations among government entities and private sector businesses.  The state of Florida, and many of its municipalities and local agencies have specific tailored programs primarily intended to support certified minority and women-owned business products and services for potential procurement. 

Large private sector organizations can also benefit from procuring services from MWBE certified businesses.  Today, we are seeing an increase in organizations that are instituting specific standards and business goals associated to expanding minority partnerships.  In Florida, the MWBE certificate has a revenue threshold that enforces small business to only apply. It is important to note that public and private sector businesses who are adding more diversity to their supply chain will witness instinctively greater agility, value, and reverence to the services received.

Among the many entities in Florida, what does it take to receive MWBE certification?  First and foremost, it is not easy.  It takes time and effort to apply and prove your distinct value and capabilities.  Like any authorization or certification, there are some basic rudimentary requirements and will certainly deviate by city, county, or municipality.  Legally registered with a professional business license and actively doing business in the state of Florida are of course minimum expectations.  Additionally, the company must be owned and managed by a resident of Florida and 51% owned, controlled, operated, and managed by a woman that is a U.S. citizen.

There are more rigorous requirements involved in completing the MWBE certification beyond just the basic eligibility requirements. Submission of affirmed multiple year financial statements, defined geographical markets served, previous client awards and contracts, and the number of employees along with responsibility descriptions are just a sampling of the more demanding specified conditions needed to pass for final consideration.  With the abundance of effort required, and once the certificate is approved, it is so exhilarating to receive the accolade.

Today Koncept Carma, Inc. is currently MWBE certified in the following entities.

It is an uplifting feeling to receive this honored certification.  Being awarded MWBE clearly validates the years of hard work building the capabilities allowing us to support our customers with extraordinary service. Check us out!  KCI, a woman owned business delivering stormwater compliance services with agility, value, and excellence! Call us at (888)-346-7779 to learn more.

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