Last Line of Defense

Construction sites can be classified into several types. The most common construction taking place in Florida are sites with physical structures being built.  Construction sites can range from residential homes, commercial, heavy construction such as dams and infrastructure, and industrial.  A construction site is basically considered the actual land where physical construction activities may take place. 

Before any new development takes place, perimeter erosion controls must be installed.  Silt fence is usually the last line of erosion control defense.  To maximize effectiveness, quality planning must take place to identify the placement and specifically the vulnerable areas that may need additional reinforcement.  Secondly, the silt fence will need to be applied and installed.  Silt fence is a temporary sediment barrier using filter fabric attached to supporting posts and should be properly trenched 4 inches wide and 4 inches deep. Finally, as construction begins, so does the erosion and sediment begin to flow towards the site perimeter.  Consistent inspections should take place on the silt fence once a week and after each rainfall and perform promptly any found repairs needed. 

There are many other uses for silt fence to help construction sites with erosion and sediment control. Using silt fence at the perimeter is the first line of defense.  For more on what kind of perimeter controls would best work with your site, be sure to contact the professionals at KCICall us today at 888-346-7779

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