The Seasons are Changing

The Sunshine State is many times right at the top of most people’s wish list for vacation spots. There are many factors that come into play when people think about visiting Florida. The obvious one of course for most people is the weather.  Unlike most destinations, Florida basically has only 2 seasons: hot and rainy, or cool and dry.  The cooler season in Florida usually starts early November and can last to the month of May.  Many people decide to visit Florida during this pleasant and less humid time of the year.

Today, Florida’s weather is fantastic. Recently over the past few weeks or so, we have experienced lower temperatures around the 60’s in the evening and high’s just north of 80 degrees!  During October, the dryer season begins to build across Florida.  Your whole experience of Florida changes this time of year allowing us to spend more time outside in cooler temperatures and potentially less rain!

Although the seasons are changing here in Florida, it does not allow us to relax and become complacent towards stormwater management and compliance. There is an old saying that most Floridians live by, “It always rains somewhere every day in Florida”.  Regardless of the season, we all know the weather can change quickly. 

Rain fall amounts can fluctuate dramatically across the state of Florida. Reviewing the historical Florida rainfall data reports at the Florida Forest Service observation site, it was quite interesting to notice that the states average daily rainfall considerably increases as the year approaches June and July.  The average daily rainfall during these summer months approached more than 20 days per month in Orange County alone.  Moving into November and December, the amount dramatically decreases to an average of 8 days per month where actual rainfall was identified.

Even though the seasons are changing, KCI is always ready!  Call us today, at 888-346-7779.

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