What does Compliance Really Mean?

A construction site must be operationally effective in controlling erosion and preventing sedimentation from reaching a receiving water source or conveyance system for the site to be in compliance. If a site is struggling to do this, they could be regarded as being out of compliant.

 An industrial site or facility has many similarities for stormwater compliance as construction.  The primary goal for an industrial facility, specific to stormwater compliance, is to minimize contaminants and pollution caused by stormwater run-off leaving the facility and discharging into a nearby waterbody or conveyance system. 

 Depending on the specific sector, an industrial site may require a Multi-Sector Generic Permit (MSGP) that has unique expectations outlined that need to be followed for stormwater management and compliance.  If activities, such as material handling, equipment maintenance, industrial processing, and operations taking place at an industrial facility, are exposed to stormwater, then the facility is required to have permit coverage under the MSGP.   Simply put, industrial stormwater is any surface water runoff that originates from an industrial business process.

 An industrial specific stormwater inspection may vary in frequency and types of services based on the facility’s need.  Similar to inspecting construction sites, the stormwater inspector will document their findings and specify the need for corrective action to the sites implemented control measures that are in place to reduce stormwater contamination.

Environmental compliance is KCI’s number one priority and keeping your project and team up to date on all of the EPA regulations.  Whether you have been in business for one year or twenty years, let us help you with your environmental compliance reporting! Contact us at 888-376-7779.

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