Stormwater Runoff Intensity

Over the years, we have learned that excess nutrients are the leading cause of impairment in Florida’s various state waters and coastal areas.  Additionally, there is a continuous escalating concern to contamination taking place in groundwater and the state’s aquifers.  There are certainly major contributors to our diminishing and contaminated ecosystem.  The abundance of construction taking place through-out the state of Florida can potentially be a large contributor to stormwater pollution if not for the unique rules and regulations in place by the Florida Department of Environmental (FDEP)

As a construction site materializes and progresses through its various stages, stormwater runoff volume can intensify due to the continued development and land degradation.  During the pre-development phase, erosion is quite minimal, and this is the perfect time to install perimeter stormwater erosion and sedimentation controls and plan for possibly unique basins, detention, or retention areas depending on the size of the project. 

From clearing and grading to active construction of the specific buildings and structures, additional erosion and sediment control measures will be required to dramatically minimize stormwater runoff and pollution. Construction timelines are put into place to break down the various steps associated to the work that needs to be perform at various stages.  This timeline is usually updated frequently within the site’s specific Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) with these various stages of the project life cycle in order to stay aligned to the specific Best Management Practices (BMPs)needed to maintain compliance. 

KCI fully understands the construction timeline from beginning to end.  We are experts that can help construction sites monitor, maintain, and manage all the BMPs needed for a successful stormwater management program. Call us today at 888-346-7779. 

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