The Site MAP

The site map is the foundational element of a professional and functional stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP).  The starting point for developing a SWPPP is to evaluate a facility’s site and identify areas of potential concern where stormwater may become exposed with pollutants.  A part of a site evaluation is to understand the hydrologic and unique features of the site to better assess and define the plan.  To do this, a fundamental site map should be created that will assist in identifying all aspects, contours, and features of a given industrial site.   Keep in mind, all site maps are not the same.  There are many types of industrial sites like warehousing, manufacturing, chemical, and recycling that will have their own unique attributes to their specific business functionality. 

During the 19th century we all know the industrial revolution was dramatically escalating with the steam engine and coal production to fuel machinery.  Over the many years, we have seen an exorbitant increase in industrial facilities producing vast amounts of waste and pollution. Today, federal and state regulations and enforcement on industrial facilities associated to the environment are increasingly on the rise. 

Florida is considered one of the top traveled destinations in the world and tourism is certainly known to be the top economic driver. There are also potentially thousands of industrial facilities located in Florida.  All these facilities are making a huge impact and contributing to the economic growth for the state.  With so much production taking place in the state and contributing to the economy, the production process can also put tremendous strain on the environment.

A well outlined and functional site map of an industrial facility is one of the most important tools that clearly identifies areas where certain environmental best management practices should be implemented and maintained.  Specifically, to stormwater environmental compliance, a site map will allow the periodic inspections for visual best management practice monitoring and water sampling processes to go smoothly and with minimal complexities.

Industrial facilities are becoming increasingly mindful to the responsibility for the pollution they may expose into the environment.  Environmental guidelines are extremely important and should be followed throughout an industrial facility’s production process.  The first step is to promote environmental consciousness among all employees through education.  Secondly, implement all the best management practices outlined in the site map conducive to the Florida’s Multi-Sector Generic Permit requirements. Finally, effectively use a company who can help you monitor, maintain, and inspect your site to help you minimize risk and realize additional savings that can be obtained in the long term.

KCI is committed to protecting local waterbodies and providing expert environmental compliant services. If you are an industrial facility in need for a professional, thorough site map, give us a call at (888) 346-7779.

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