Industrial Walk-Through Assessment

The first step for an industrial facility, which requires a Multi-Sector Generic Permit (MSGP), is to develop a robust strategic stormwater environmental compliance and continuity plan. This plan is called a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). An effective SWPPP requires strong best management practices (BMPs) to be defined and implemented to reduce stormwater pollutants from being discharged from the site that could end up into local waterways.

A well-defined and documented SWPPP, includes a variety of components. Outlined by the EPA, there are basically four high level steps. First and foremost, the industrial facility should create a quality team made up of a variety of staff members who will take responsibility to define, document, implement and periodically evaluate the plan. To effectively help the team define and document the plan, a thorough facility walk-through assessment should be performed to identify all potential stormwater pollution sources. During this assessment phase, this is a great time to evaluate each potential source and define the specific structural or non-structural BMPs that may satisfy the permit. And finally, the team should clearly identify all procedures, processes, other staff members to engage, and any training required to execution the plan.

The walk-through assessment is the critical step that will deliver the highest degree of success. Clearly, there are numerous types of industrial facilities that may have many degrees of unique sources for stormwater pollution. Here are the top five general questions to ask yourself during a walk-through assessment.  These will give you general guidance to help identify areas that may contribute pollutants to stormwater discharges at the industrial facility.

  1. Are there potential spills and leaks that could occur?
  2. Are the facilities materials and equipment stored properly?
  3. Is there effective disposal of equipment and manufacturing waste?
  4. Is there a standard cadence for general house-keeping and cleanliness?
  5. Is there an effective maintenance program for facility infrastructure?

Stormwater discharges at an industrial facility can be based on many activities that may be taking place at any given time. If your business is subject to the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System NPDES program and requires an MSGP, KCI can help you apply for permit coverage.  We can also ensure all proper identification of specific BMPs are identified for your business type or industrial sector. Call us today at (888)-346-7779. We can help perform a great walk-through and get you ready.

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