Assembling the Team

Construction site operators who are requiring coverage under the Florida Construction Generic Permit (CGP) must apply for permit at least 2 days before construction begins. Additionally, it is required to have a fully executable and completed Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) prior to filing the Notice of Intent (NOI) to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).

The site operator should assemble a select group of individuals to help implement, maintain, evaluate, and revise the SWPPP as needed during the various phases of the construction project. An effective stormwater team should be made up of people who represent all phases of the project operations including management and third-party environmental service contractors in some instances.

Many construction operators want to be environmentally conscious and at times it can be challenging to keep up and maintain the obligations of the various regulatory processes and protocols.  Maintaining awareness to these required environmental expectations can become overwhelming and an environmental consultant can help.  A quality environmental services organization can help assemble and train the team ensuring the construction site’s environmental needs are managed, implemented, and maintained through-out the project’s timeline.

The stormwater team will become the responsible party to ensure all aspects of the stormwater management processes are set forth in a timely manner, Best Management Practices (BMPs) are maintained, and stormwater compliance activities are monitored. 

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