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Just having a quality-built construction entrance alone is not going to completely control sediment and mud departing a construction site.  It must also be well maintained through-out the construction process.  On-going traffic through-out the day will put a tremendous strain on the construction exit.  It is a great practice to frequently inspect the condition to maximize preventing the tracking or flow of sediment and mud onto adjacent roadways.  

Beyond the traditional gravel and geotextile method we talked about last week, there are other ways to effectively form a construction entrance.  There are commercial products that are made of corrugated metal.  These types of solutions are quite effective at vibrating the tires as the vehicles depart the work site.  Another very effective solution are FOD track-out systems.  FOD control systems are reusable and can easily be relocated. 

The most expensive system, and one of the most effective, are the various commercial wheel washing stations that can be installed at a construction entrance.  As construction vehicles pull through the entrance or exit, the process will wash not only the wheels, but also the undercarriage.  

There are several things to keep in mind that will ensure a quality and effective way to exit the construction site with minimal sediment from leaving the site.  Adequate stormwater run-off controls and a good solid foundation are instrumental, so sediment does not wash out into the road.  Secondly, longer construction entrances work much better for larger vehicles.  This will allow the larger vehicle wheels more rotation as they may enter or exit a site.  

KCI can help you in your preparation and development of your construction entrance.  Visit us today to learn more about our services at www.kcinow.com. Call us today, 888-346-7779.

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