Industrial Attention to Detail

During industrial activities, stormwater can contact manufacturing materials, equipment, and chemicals.  Pollutants like oil and grease, metals, paints, and other contaminants can make their way through stormwater runoff and into storm drains where the water will remain untreated as it makes its way back to rivers, streams, and lakes. Many people believe that this water gets treated before it goes back into our waterbodies.  

Best Management Practices (BMPs) can be deployed and utilized to dramatically reduce the risk of pollutants escaping an industrial facility.  BMPs are activities such as employee training or actual structural applications that can assist in avoiding stormwater runoff containing contaminants.  

Here are some general examples of BMPs characterized as KCI’s top five most important structural and non-structural activities. 

Non-Structural BMPs 

  1. Train employees on your facilities specific BMPs and prohibited discharge areas. 
  2. Site specific comprehensive Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). 
  3. Signage near outflow drains and inlets to remind not to dispose wastes in these areas. 
  4. Conduct inspections on a regular basis. 
  5. Keep accurate documentation and records for inspections, visual, and quarterly water monitoring based on permit requirement. 

Structural BMPs 

  1. Store toxic materials under cover and when not in use and ensure all liquid storage has labels. 
  2. Frequently cover and seal drain inlets before using toxic substances or materials. 
  3. Use secondary containment systems like drip pans or absorbent material to catch contaminants. 
  4. Cover materials that are outside and exposed to stormwater with a fixed roof or a temporary waterproof covering. 
  5. Develop procedures to prevent spills and perform consistent cleaning, inspections, and routine maintenance. 

Part of environmental compliance is ensuring that your industrial facility is ready to tackle tough environmental issues. Preventing stormwater pollution starts with a committed team and attention to detail.  We want to be your teammate to help you reduce stormwater pollutionContact us today at 888-346-7779 for any questions you may have on how KCI can assist with your facilities stormwater compliance! 

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