Population Growth Driving New Construction

Population growth and economic development is still on the rise!  The US census data shows over 2.7 million people relocated to Florida over the past decade.  Approximately 300,000 people move to Florida each year.  Florida’s population growth will continue to grow over the next decade.  This growth will continue to put tremendous pressure on Florida’s landscape by stimulating more and more construction. By the end of this calendar year,  Florida’s population in 2022 will reach more than 22 million residents and statistics suspect that Florida will reach over 25 million residents by 2032.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) has a primary goal to protect water quality and to specifically aim to minimize construction erosion and sedimentation by requiring development projects to properly implement and manage effective Best Management Practices (BMPs) during construction activity.  This can be managed with the development of a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).  While construction projects attempt to prevent erosion, sediment, and other types of pollutants from leaving a particular site, the explosive need for new development to support our population growth will diffidently put a strain on our ecosystem.

The Florida Stormwater Erosion and Sedimentation Control Inspector (FSESCI) Training Program was established to educate and train qualified individuals to help construction operators to better design and maintain BMP erosion and sediment controls during construction work.  The goal of this training program is to better educate installers and inspectors on proper BMP selection and installation to correctly inspect these practices for use during construction.

Stormwater is a formidable threat that gathers potential pollutants on construction sites. Erosion and sediment leaving a construction site is a top concern for the state of Florida. There are other possible situations that can also arise that will need attention from time to time.  Fuel containers, paint and concrete washouts, and debris are other major factors that can contribute to nonpoint sources of stormwater pollution.

KCI has a staff full of FSESCI’s.  KCI’s field environmental inspectors are experts to help support construction teams.  Our primary goal is to ensure that BMPs are inspected and maintained weekly and after significant rain events to identify failures to BMPs that should be analyzed to prevent recurrence.

For more on what kind of BMP controls would best work with your site, be sure to contact the professionals at KCI for a consultation! Contact us today at 888-346-7779.

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