Rain Data is Imperative

KCI has an informative and active storm and rain watch initiative that allows every employee to be on point and alert to daily rain activity. This proactive insight allows KCI field consultants and stormwater inspectors to be ready and engaged to deliver excellent service every day. 

We often hear the term “to be ready in the moment”.  Our proactive tactical readiness ensures all KCI inspectors are ready when there is a potential active rainstorm.  One aspect of our responsibility is to learn and clearly understand all components of the Florida Construction Generic Permit (FCGP) with accuracy.

Based on the FCGP requirements, a stormwater inspector must inspect all stormwater discharges from the construction site to ensure Best Management Practices (BMPs) are functioning as designed and are not contributing to violations of water quality standards or resulting in offsite sedimentation. 

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) inspections are required on construction job sites in Florida every 7 days and 24 hours after a 0.5″ storm event. A storm event, per the FCGP, is defined as 0.5” of continuous rainfall without a four-hour gap. These inspections must identify areas that need to be maintained or altered to ensure compliance to the permit. Industrial inspections are required quarterly and once annually by the Multi-Sector Generic Permit (MSGP). KCI has rigid and formidable protocols allowing us to accurately track and monitor rain data every day so we are ready in the moment! 

The FCGP requires the construction site operator to include and log information about weather conditions.  Our rigorous internal processes allow us to maintain the daily rainfall log located in the SWPPP that dictates inspection frequency to ensure compliance with the permit.

Our statewide team provides timely NPDES Inspection services to ensure your site remains compliant regardless of what Season.  Call KCI today and learn more, 888-346-7779. 

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