Stormwater Management – Manage the BMP site Map

A part of a site evaluation is to understand the hydrologic and unique features of the site to better assess and define the stormwater management plan.  To do this, a fundamental site map should be created that will assist in identifying all aspects, contours, and features of a given site.

  1. Boundaries of project/property
  2. Boundaries of disturbance (including areas outside of property boundaries)
  3. Show slopes on site (if there are steep areas show steep areas)
  4. Location of physical structures and facilities
  5. Water bodies, wetlands, natural vegetative buffers
  6. Material and equipment storage areas
  7. Planned erosion and sediment control devices – BMPs, perimeter, erosion & sediment control, inlet protection, etc.
  8. Storm water inlets and storm water discharge points
  9. Areas that will be temporarily or permanently stabilized on site

During the site evaluation process, it is important to define, develop, and document the planned phases of construction activity on a detailed site map. The site map is the primary instrument used during inspections outlined and required based on the Florida Construction Generic Permit (CGP).   Here are some other more specific and descriptive items you may find on a BMP site map.

  • stockpiles for soil and material
  • construction supplies
  • inlet Protections
  • perimeter Controls
  • portable toilet
  • dumpster, garbage, trash containers
  • outfalls
  • concrete washout pits or containers

A well thought out and defined site map will provide clarity to help implement the planned construction activities and stormwater practices required during all major stages of the construction project. The BMP site map for a field stormwater inspector is like a road map to understand protected areas, natural features, slopes, erodible soils, nearby waterbodies, and permanent stormwater controls. A BMP site map must be reviewed and then adjusted when necessary to mirror the current state of a particular construction projects progression. A well maintained and updated BMP site map allows a stormwater compliance inspector the assurance the site will be inspected properly and effectively.

Next week, we will explore the importance for the site operator to maintain and implement corrective actions discovered during the inspection process. We will also dive into the permit and on-site expectations, and more.

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