What causes an algal bloom?

What causes an algal bloom? Most of us have heard the word “algae”, but don’t really know where it comes from or how they affect our water bo

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Central Florida ABC Expo

KCI had a great time networking at the Central Florida ABC Expo last night!  Everyone did a great job with their booths!  

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What is the yellow floating barrier in the water?!?!

Florida is surrounded by water with an abundance of lakes, ponds, springs, and oceans. These bodies of water are vital to our environment and it is

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You know the black fence around a construction site….

What is the purpose behind that black fenc

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Ever wondered what this red stuff is?

As rainfall percolates through the soil, iron in the earth’s surface dissolves into ferrous iron and rain transports it to our natural water suppl

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Guess what?

Guess what? One of our KCI team members has joined the Florida Stormwater Association’s Education Committee for year 2015-2016. Stay tuned for som

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Hurricane Season June 1st

  June 1st marks the beginning of Hurricane Season. Make sure your construction site and properties are prepared for the summer storms.  It'

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Florida DEP Updates CGP for Stormwater

Florida DEP updated the Construction General Permit in February 2015.  One of the biggest changes in the permit is it now includes dewatering.  Also

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