KCI Team Spotlight

KCI is excited to announce that Destinee Wheeler joined our growing team this past summer.  Destinee is an Orlando native.  She had the opportunit

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Warning Signs of a Sinkhole

Florida is known for having more sinkholes than any other state. A sinkhole is defined as a cavity in the ground caused by water erosion, which provid

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KCI Team Spotlight!

KCI is excited to introduce the latest addition to our team, Henrique Weydt. As an Environmental Consultant, he strives to make sure that all of our c

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Environmentally Friendly Products

The human race is a proud one. We are always adapting and evolving, boasting of our advances in medicine, technology, exploration, and so on. And I ag

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We’re Hiring!

  KCI is looking to hire a part-time environmental consultant for Osceola and Polk County, Florida.  If you are interested in learning more p

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Looking for land, did you know…?

As construction and real estate grow, you may be thinking about purchasing land for development or selling your property. To practice environmental

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Curb Cut Backs

August in Florida is hot and humid, and most of us welcome the summer downpours of rain to help keep us cool. As much as we love our rainy cool down

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Lake Okeechobee Algae Bloom: Hitting Close to Home

As of May 2016, a blue-green algae bloom has threatened the waters of Lake Okeechobee, a lake susceptible to high water levels since the beginning of

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Are you fertilizing appropriately?

Most of us want to keep our plants and lawns healthy. All plants need appropriate nourishment through nutrients, which can be obtained from the soil

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The Future Looks Bright

KCI would like to welcome our new Environmental Consultants, Huy Nguyen and Drew Dunbar. Not only do Drew and Huy work hard for KCI they are both at

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