Exposure or No Exposure, that is the Question!

Conditional No Exposure Exclusion Permits: What are They & Do I Need One? All industrial businesses that fall within one of the EPAs 30 pre-define

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NPDES Compliance and COVID-19

Perhaps the biggest question in the environmental sector right now is: how, has COVID-19 affected enforcement? The EPA offered a Temporary Enforcement

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Storm Events – What They Are & How to Tackle Them

One of the most important requirements of your Construction Generic Permit (CGP) is the NPDES Stormwater Inspections. In the State of Florida, NPDES i

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Secondary Containment on Construction Sites

One of the requirements of the Florida  CGP, Construction Generic Permit, that seems to elude many of its permittees is secondary containment. Ma

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The Why on NPDES Inspections

In the state of Florida construction projects that impact over an acre of land are required to perform NPDES inspections once a week and for

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Don’t Be a Bad [Concrete Plant] Batch!

Concrete batching plants use equipment to produce concrete and concrete products by batching or mixing cements and other raw materials. The component

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Sheet and Rill and Gully, Oh My!

With the proper use of erosion control and stabilization measures as defined in the Construction Generic Permit (CGP), your construction site can be p

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Beginners Guide to Liquid Waste

It is no secret that construction sites often get very chaotic at times. With the high volume of activity, messes are bound to occur on site! At first

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The Air We Breathe

With any construction site, there is potential for contaminated air particles or particle pollution, also known as particle matter (PM), to travel thr

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KCI loves DMR’s!

The EPA monitors industrial activates ranging from landfill, auto salvage yard, metal scraps, recycling centers, and other facilitiesthat have stormwa

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