Sheet and Rill and Gully, Oh My!

With the proper use of erosion control and stabilization measures as defined in the Construction Generic Permit (CGP), your construction site can be prepared to prevent erosion form occurring. But how can erosion be prevented if it you do not know what it is! Construction activity is notorious for disturbing and moving large amounts of soil/sediment on site, leaving it vulnerable to erosion. Erosion can be defined as “the process of eroding or being eroded by wind, water or other natural agents.” For argument’s sake, we will focus on erosion by water, mainly erosion of soil by water. NPDES inspections are required on construction job sites in Florida every 7 days and 24 hours after a 0.5″ of rainfall. These inspections must identify areas that need to be repaired, replaced or in any way altered to ensure compliance to the permit, with an emphasis of identifying erosion.

So, if it were to rain, erosion on construction sites would occur in three different ways:

  • Sheet erosion- the removal of a thin layer of soil over a large area
  • Rill erosion- small channels on a slope caused by concentrated run-off
  • Gully erosion- large channels on a slope caused by intense run-off

These three types of erosion are significant players in the displacement of soil/ sediment on construction sites. Allowing unimpeded migration of sediment off-site caused by erosion can have a multitude of problems, therefore it is imperative to prevent erosion from occurring. Silt fence, turbidity barriers and vegetative buffers are efficient at preventing sediment washing offsite from erosion activities, whereas the most effective ways to prevent erosion from occurring altogether include the use of sod, erosion control blanks, and seed/mulch.

At KCI we are here to help with your stormwater needs, including the installation of proper erosion control measures and creating a site specific Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). We provide inspection services for your construction site, and closely monitor areas where erosion is most likely to occur.  We offer reliable and affordable alternative BMPs that can work when other BMPs fail. Contact KCI today for all your erosion control and we will gladly serve you!



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