Protect your Storm Drain

A stormwater drainage system should always be designed and structured for safe operation and maximum control of the stormwater being released. In Florida, especially during our typical rainy season, storm drain systems are tested every day for durability when stormwater flow can emerge with high volume and velocity

During periodic inspections, pay close attention to storm drain inlets that may need maintenance. There are many types of inlets and the two most commonly observed during stormwater inspections are curb inlets and grated inlets. These types of inlets are usually connected to a community storm drain system that eventually deposits rainfall into an outfall. 

When we build sidewalks, buildings, and parking lots that cover the ground they become impervious surfaces, which stifles water naturally returning to the soil and therefore infiltrating toward creeks and rivers that can dramatically increase flooding and filling them with more pollution. One of the biggest impacts construction projects have on the environment is its effect on how water transports during storms.  

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A storm drain may require flushing with water to remove excess sediment and erosion that may have made its way into storm drains during construction. Flushing will help ensure the storm drains are working as designed. We know our priority is to eliminate any sediment or erosion entering the storm drain during construction by properly using inlet protection.  Flushing is a costly service and using inlet protection properly and effectively will dramatically reduce your cost to the project.  Similarly to silt fencing, another critical defensive measure to sediment entering local water bodies is storm drain Inlet protection. 

KCI is committed to protecting local waterbodies and providing expert environmental compliant services. Give us a call on (888) 346-7779. 

Protect your Outlet

Protecting your storm drain outlets is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your overall stormwater drainage system.

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