Rainy Conditions are Dangerous

It becomes dangerous when construction projects encounter a high concentration of rain. It can become extremely hazardous for potential slips and falls. Extreme wet conditions can create an increase in accidents especially while workers are on ladders and scaffolding with wet and dirty boots.

Certainly, safety becomes the priority after a heavy rain on any construction site.

Another safety factor is using heavy equipment.  Construction equipment exposed to rainy soils and sludge become more difficult to operate and must work harder to track the terrain.  Also, heavy equipment can also get stuck creating lost time, productivity, and safety for the equipment operator.

truck wheel wash at the construction site of an apartment building or shopping mall, workers and engineers installing metal structures. soft selective focus

The need for erosion and sediment control measures on construction sites increase during rain events.  While the construction project is certainly a priority, it is equally important to incorporate erosion and sediment control procedures and devices, such as various Best Management Practices (BMPs), to prevent stormwater volume to generate excessive erosion, sedimentation and mud leaving a site during a heavy rain.

A construction site operator is responsible for installation, periodic inspections, and maintenance for all identified temporary stormwater compliant BMPs on the construction site during the construction timeline. 

KCI can help construction projects manage their Florida Construction Generic Permit (CGP) requirements.  We help many construction projects monitor and inspect erosion and sediment control devices ensuring they are functioning correctly. Call us today and let us help you keep the rain in check!  888-346-7779.

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