Stormwater Management – Performing Inspections

Let us jump into the first part of our series and talk about the importance of the inspection

A stormwater inspector’s primary role is to arrive on a construction site, obtain the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), and then begin to ensure that all erosion control measures and Best Management Practices (BMPs) have been implemented properly. An effective stormwater inspector is the first person to determine if the performance standards and intent of the erosion and sediment control rules and procedures are being met.  

This role requires rigorous training, field expertise, and understanding the unique responsibilities of performing a qualified stormwater inspection of a construction site. Here are several high-level expectations while performing a great inspection: 

  1. To be certain that all erosion and sediment control measures and other BMPs in the SWPPP have been professionally installed and maintained. That erosion is being controlled. 
  1. That offsite sedimentation is being prevented. 
  1. That any chemicals, oils, spills, or other contaminants are being maintained and quality controlled. 
  1. That no turbidity is being generated in receiving waters.​​​​​​​ 

Beyond just performing a great inspection, it is important to acknowledge that all KCI inspectors were hired to deliver results based on the job role needs. Additionally, as a KCI Field Inspector, there are basic high-level attributes we must also perform that will ensure we are contributing and delivering great work and a great customer experience. From being a great teammate, showing up professionally, communicating efficiently, following company protocols, and being safe in everything we do shows respect to others, especially our clients. 

Next week, we will continue our series on Performing Stormwater Management and discuss the next step after a great inspection, and that is to efficiently and correctly document the results of the inspection. 

Outsourcing your stormwater management ensures that your inspections are accurate and complete at all times. Let KCI help you manage your inspections and track your BMPs. Call us today at 888-346-7779

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