What is the yellow floating barrier in the water?!?!


Florida is surrounded by water with an abundance of lakes, ponds, springs, and oceans. These bodies of water are vital to our environment and it is important to protect them. Construction projects that are near bodies of water must especially take precautions to protect the waters.

One of the most common ways to protect water bodies during construction and land disturbing activities is Floating Turbidity Barrier. Most of us have probably seen these floating yellow objects in ponds or lakes as we drive along the highway. Do you know what they do and why they are there? Well if you don’t, those yellow barriers, commonly known as turbidity curtains, hinder sediments from entering a water body.

When the curtain is installed it is typically weighted at the bottom to ensure the sediments do not travel underneath. The barrier allows solids to settle back down to the bottom of the water before entering our natural water bodies.  Generally the curtain will be used along a shoreline and calm water surfaces.

So next time you drive by a pond or a lake and you see a stretch of yellow floating barrier you will know that it was put up for a good reason, to protect our water bodies.