Stormwater Management – BMP Maintenance

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and the Florida Construction Generic Permit (CGP) requires that sediment control and stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) be implemented, managed, and maintained to prevent erosion and sediment runoff from construction sites.

When stormwater is managed and allowed to stay close to where it falls, then we have less erosion taking place. Stormwater controls, or BMPs, must be routinely inspected and then receive the necessary maintenance to ensure they continually function as designed.

Over the past several weeks, we talked about the importance of performing a great inspection and maintaining the construction BMP site map. The outcome from a great inspection outlines the necessary steps for the routine maintenance necessary to ensure BMPs are functioning and performing adequately to maintain stormwater runoff and erosion control.

Routine and consistent repairs are required to maintain the condition of the various best management practices. The site has seven days to complete any maintenance items listed on inspection reports. All maintenance expectations are directly associated to responding to the inspection output that may have been documented due to specific conditions or events that caused any BMPs to malfunction. Maintenance is also performed to correct any deterioration of BMPs and to maintain the construction sites integrity towards the CGP stormwater compliance criteria. Maintenance can also include emergency repairs because of weather conditions or other unexpected damage to a BMP structure.

KCI is an expert at performing inspections. We strive to deliver quality inspection output providing the site operator a clear maintenance checklist to follow from the inspection report. KCI is here to help, call us to today at 888-346-7779.

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